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Kiki's Nation is Making News!

by Kiki's Nation on September 02, 2013

Kiki's Nation on the Air, October 2015

Check out our Kiki's Nation outpost, Everygirl, as they are featured in New England Boating's episode about Scituate, Massachusetts which recently aired on the New England Sports Network.  Their customers love Kiki's Nation!

Mom-a-logues, September 18, 2013, Kiki's Nation Review and Giveaway

"We spent most of our summer either in our pool, at the splash pad or at our cabin by the lake so, we are near water a significant amount.  The girls live in their swimsuits and what better way to cover up when coming in for lunch or taking a quick break from the water activities than with a towel wrap. With Kiki's, they are able to keep dry, while not having the inconvenience of holding a beach towel around themselves. The girls have gotten quite a few compliments on their unique little towel skirts. So many have said..'wow, what a smart idea!!'" Read the full review here.

Jumping Beans Blog, August 2013, Towel Shorts Draw Attention!
"After Broxton was finished swimming, I was able to get him to dry off and put Kiki's towel shorts on...  He loved them and went on and on about how comfortable he was in them... The awesome part?  We were at a friends house, so when we went inside, the friend (A GUY, who is not one to notice things) was spot on in mentioning something about how they were so cool looking!" Read the full review here., August 23, 2013, Review: Kiki's Jammers - A Poolside Hit
"My boys couldn’t wait to wear their jammers to the pool.  A trip to the pool is quite the production for our family.  With the chaos of packing up all of our snacks and pool toys, it was such a relief just to slide the jammers on over their bathing suits and know that they would be dry for the ride home.  Plus, they have that uniqueness factor that makes them a hit with the kids, and they are machine-washable which made them a hit with me!" Read the full review.


My Munoz Family Blog, July 31, 2013, Kiki's Towel Shorts
"I definitely recommend Kiki's towel shorts/skirt for anyone who has kids that are little water babies like mine! " Read the full review.


Arizona Mama, July 25, 2013, Kiki's Nation Towel Pants A Must for Summer Water Play Review & Giveaway
"The Kiki's Nation jammers are great.  We love using them whenever Jayden gets wet and needs something warm and dry.  They are easy to slide over his swim trunks.  Kiki's also has towel pants, skirts, and bags all made from towels.  They are so great and simple I wonder why I didn't think of it first!" Read the full review.


Glimpse, July 22, 2013, Join the (Kiki's) Nation!
"Although we love to swim, the aftermath in the change room is something I would like to skip...and this year, I have done just that! It only took one glace at the unique apparel at Kiki's Nation to realize that this was exactly what we needed to make swimming more enjoyable, and less daunting for us as parents... Kiki's Nation has done a great job of putting practicality and fun together to make a wonderful line of products that both kids & parents will LOVE!" Read the full review.


Angie's Spot, July 22, 2013, Product Review of Kiki's Nation Swimwear for Kids
"Kiki's Nation produces 3 lines of after swim wear that are sure to become favorites of kids and parents everywhere!  The skirts, pants and jammers are made of actual towel material, which is not only comfortable but absorbent... My girls loved the patterns and vibrant colors!  They also like the fact that the samples really fit their personalities.  My youngest preferred the skirt, while my oldest was more comfortable in the jammers shorts.  I really liked the facts that the clothing ran true to size and we arrived home with car seats that weren't wet!  The absorbency of the towel material was great and my girls have been asking me to be sure and pack their new cover-ups every time I pack a pool bag now." Read the full review here.


Trisha B Blog, July 19, 2013, Summer Fun!
"Do you remember as a kid, getting out of the pool and freezing while drying off?
I sure do, and my kids are always cold after getting out of the pool or at the beach. These towel shorts and pants from Kiki's Nation have been a lifesaver for us this summer... The kids have enjoyed them so much that sometimes they wear them as pajamas! As a mom, I love the pocket detail so the kids can carry their toys & other little trinkets with them." Read the full review here.


Real Mom Media, July 9, 2013, Summer Playbook 2013
"They are ADORABLE! Love the concept." - Joey Fortman, Host of Real Mom Radio on WBEN - Read the review in their Summer Playbook!


BassGiraffe's Thoughts, July 6, 2013, Kiki's Nation Swim Towel Skirt Review
"The skirt is totally cute and my daughter wanted to wear it to church... I’m in love with this product. It’s unique and [Kiki's Nation] sells styles and sizes for everyone in the family. It’s summer time and I would highly encourage you to check out this family owned company." Read the full article.


New Age Mama, July 3, 2013, Kiki's Towel Clothing for Swimming Practice or Beach Days
"Kiki's Towel clothing are the perfect way to dry off in style. Once you're done at the beach or the pool, you can slide into one of their stylish terry cloth towels that come in a wide range of styles and colors for both boy and girls. They keep you warm if its chilly and they soak up all the excess water, making it easy and much more comfortable to make the long trek home. If you're riding in the car, the added material will also keep your seats from getting wet. I absolutely love this idea. For the first time in years, I could walk home from the beach with no whining about wet suits chafing skin." Read the full review.


Inc. Magazine, July 3, 2013, 5 Start-ups Behind This Summer's Hottest Gear
"This company started on a whim. Eleni and Jeff McClung's daughters were swimming in a pool a few years ago and their mom wrapped them in colored towels. She thought, why not turn the towels into pants? The kids could wear them home. That idea spawned a company that has grown by 30 percent each year and now has many towel-based products, including tote bags and skirts." Read the full article.


A Year With Mom & Dad, July 3, 2013, T is for Towel Shorts
"In just one short weekend camping at the shore in Virginia, we spent quite some time in or near the water. The ocean beckoned, the pool sparkled, and even campsite spigots were a fascination. Keeping a toddler dry and comfortable (and clean!) is no easy feat. I more than once cringed at the towels I saw other children dragging along wet sand or puddled pool decks. I was thankful for the towel shorts sent by Kiki’s Nation (free for review) just in time for our beach camping trip! Now instead of a soggy bottom or trailing towel, our son could head back to our campsite in his soft towel pants or jammers (shorts). Not only was he warm but also did not leave wet spots all over the picnic bench!" Read the full review.


Frisco Kids, June 26, 2013, Reviews - Towel Shorts, Puzzle Book and Ballpark Mysteries: The San Francisco Splash Review
"At Frisco Kids we've been busy with the end of school and the beginning of camp. And with that comes swimming! We were excited to test out these towel shorts from Kiki's Gear. They're towels! They're shorts! They're both! They come in several patterns/colors (including girl prints), our favorite just came out -  red and blue crabs. My daughter is a crab fanatic. Thanks for sending us these to review Kiki's Gear!" Read the full review., June 18, 2013, Cool (And Protective) Beachware for Little Kids

It's fun to dress up your little one in cute summer gear, but you also have to remember to protect him from the sun's rays. We found the best summer accessories that aren't only adorable, they're sun-safe too! Read the review of Kiki's Towel Gear here.


Macaroni Kid, June 17, 2013, Product Spotlight: Kiki's Nation

Welcome to Kikis Nation. Where towel pants and accessories designed by Grandma Kiki rule the beach and the pool.

Kikis Nation was kind enough to send me a toddler-sized skirt and pants to review and keep for my water-loving three year old, and I couldn't be more excited. In short; these shorts (and skirts and pants) rock. They are super cute, very, very soft, and they do what they're meant to do - absorb water and make it easy to transition from pool to the car or house. Read the full article.


Bless Their Hearts Mom, June 17, 2013, "Kiki's Nation has Your Family Covered this Summer!"

The kids are bored and there's one thing that makes all kids happy- WATER.
Lots and lots of water, which means more laundry for Mom with towels used to keep the kids dry on the way home, and to keep their seats dry. But I have a solution to that problem for you today!

Check out Kiki's and you'll find a product that will make all the kids in your household happy! And your car won't smell like a wet seal after swim practice/lessons/trips to the pool/beach/lake this Summer, making MOM a very happy camper too! Read the full article.


Beauty Brite, June 15, 2013, Review of Aqua Hibiscus Jammers.

Since I had [my son] try [Kiki's towel shorts] on, he wears them as often as he can. He loves wearing them around the house and even when we go for our walk! They are light and airy and he loves how roomy they are. He looks comfortable when he wears them.

I am very surprised he loves them so much. My son has Autism and his wardrobe is pretty much made up of the same type of clothes. He wears polo shirt and khaki pants during the school year. When the weather gets warmer, it is very difficult to get him to wear shorts. It usually takes a few weeks to get him used to wearing shorts. The towel shorts are made with quality materials and created with love. I love that my son can wear these to the pool, beach or just out and about! He loves his new shorts and I am thrilled that he enjoys wearing them. The towel shorts come in many colors and styles. Read the full review.


Chic Luxuries, June 2013, Summer Must-Have's and a Giveaway!

Have you heard of Kiki*s Nation? You will! Cozy towel jammers and pants made in the USA with bright fun designs. They are soooooo cute and comfy, the kiddies will want to live in them and so will you! Perfect for the beach, pool, vacation, after the bath, water park, and playtime. One leg is made from a soft velour towel of bright fun designs and the other is made from a coordinating solid terrycloth towel and includes a deep pocket that matches the opposite leg. $24.50~$34.50 at


The Journal News, May 9, 2013, Mompreneurs: Eleni McClung, Freda Bateman, Martha Klein

How it started: With her kids constantly at swim practice, McClung grew frustrated with the lengthy process of getting them changed from wet bathing suits into street clothes. Wrapping a towel around their bodies was quick and easy, but not a practical way to move from the locker room to the car. In 2004, McClung asked her mother, a longtime seamstress, to make a pair of elastic-waist pants out of colorful towels, and Kiki added an outside pocket for a cap and goggles. Soon, everybody on the Rivertown Rays swim team wanted a pair. Read the full story.


For media inquiries, please contact Eleni McClung, Kiki's Nation, 914-420-5537,

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by Kate Stavis on August 01, 2014

Saw some young boys at the beach this morning wearing the greatest shorts I had ever seen. Their mom told me about Kiki’s. I’ve already been shopping:)

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