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Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, at Kiki’s we believe that life is a beach. And the party is always ready to start!

Kiki’s creates towel gear – jammers, skirts, pants, bags, beachwear – designed for determined individualists who love to embrace life, live colorfully, make a statement and fill every space they enter.

From our roots as a family swim wear company, dressing our kids, then their swim teams and now thousands of active life lovers across The Kiki’s Nation, we are the choice for those who seek excellent, colorful, casual waterside clothing made in America.  Made of soft and rugged terry in a rainbow of colors, Kiki’s gear is like fireworks that you wear to light up the day or night.  To feel dry and snug and to be the one who stands out in a crowd, Kiki’s is made for the unconventional and the head turners.

With Kiki’s, you are always ahead of the curve, looking too hot to touch and too cool to blend into the crowd.  You’re one in a million.  You’re a citizen of fun.  Welcome to Kiki’s Nation!